3D Printing helps student become an entrepreneur  

3D Printing helps student become an entrepreneur  

Pule Daniel Bogacu

Lungelo Magwaza

Pule Daniel Bogacu, a Vaal University of Technology B-Tech student in Industrial Engineering, is the young entrepreneur behind the MWA Africa Necklace brand.

MWA Africa is a necklace made from 3D printing. It came about as a result of an assessment project for the module Production Technology in Industrial Engineering, where B-Tech students had to design a model or object of their choice using 3D printing.

The necklaces, which Mr Bogcau says represents the South African spirit, are on sale from R100-R150 a piece and incorporate variation in design.

Mr Bogacu is humbly requesting that sponsors help him with the production of his product. He encourages youngsters out there, especially black people, to become entrepreneurs and start following their dreams and passion, to open up businesses and start making a living for themselves.

Mr Bogacu would like to thank the I2P Lab at VUT for production and helping out with navigating the software, VUT Science Park, and his lecturers Mr Sukraj and Mrs van Wyk.


If you would like to purchase an MWA Africa Necklace or get in touch with Mr Bogacu, he can be contacted on 078 542 9944.