A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce

A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce

VUT Southern Gauteng Science and Technology Park staff during Wellness Day.

Selina Rapulane

Wellness programmes demonstrate to employees that their health is important and that their employers know and care about this aspect of their lives. This leads to employees feeling a sense of belonging and doing their utmost to be productive in the workforce.

On 28 September, the Vaal University of Technology Southern Gauteng Science and Technology Park held a campaign for wellness to show its commitment to its staff.

National Wellness Week is held during the third week of September and shares the message that practicing wellness provides an essential foundation for good health.

The aim of these initiatives is to encourage VUT staff to change their lifestyles and be empowered to sustain a healthier life and better productivity in the workplace.

The activities of the day included testing of eyes, glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol and Body Mass Index (BMI); walk for your health (an aerobics and stress management programme), as well as learning how to make a smoothie while riding a bicycle!

The lovely team who made this difference to colleagues comprised Ms Seipati Hailela, Ms Khabonina Sikalane and Ms Queen Mogamisi from The Employee Wellness Section; Ms Elleanor Moloko: Occupational Health Nurse; Ms Roberta Prior, Ms Dudu Maluka and Mr Ernest Mlangeni from 4DHealth; and Ms Aishat Adebonojo from The Department of Sports Management.

“Employee Wellness programmes at work help in unveiling the caring nature of an organisation and building a good, healthy and professional environment for the talented employees,” said Ms Mogamisi.