Interesting Facts about VUT

1.    VUT is the only contact University of Technology that is situated in the Southern Tip of Gauteng.

2.    VUT was established in 1966. It is now a fully-fledged University of Technology.

3.    VUT celebrated 50 years of technological education in 2016.

4.    VUT has produced leaders in private and public sectors.

5.    VUT has four faculties that offer courses in Applied and Computer Sciences, Human Sciences, Engineering and Technology, and Management Sciences.

6.    VUT offers industry-tailored academic programmes.

7.    VUT draws its students from 29 countries around the world.

8.    VUT is the only university in SA that offers Non-Destructive Testing.

9.    VUT is the only university that fully owns a Science and Technology Park, situated in Sebokeng, south of Gauteng.