Vaal University of Technology

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Campus Activities


Ekurhuleni Campus endeavours not only to provide relevant education to students, but with its limited facilities, it also caters for the social and sport needs of students. In so doing Student Affairs Department exists as a call for higher education to address the needs of students by providing a comprehensive set to out of classroom student services and programs so as to enhance learning. Thus the holistic approach of developing students is key. The programmes are designed to empower and capacitate students to focus intensively on their studies and their personal growth both cognitively and emotionally.

The Student Life programmes are stepped up so as to reflect the university’s seriousness and interest in the welfare of students. There are a number of student activities run by student clubs and organisations at Ekurhuleni Campus. These include University Choir. The Student organisations include: SASCO, PASMA, BMF, and SCO. For Sports and recreation there is men and ladies SOCCER, and NETBALL.


Campus health and wellness centre is one of the components of Student Affairs and provides health services to registered students of the University. Staff members are assisted on emergency basis. As a university we strive to make an impact in the students’ lives by helping them with their health and wellness concernsso tha they can remain healthy and be able to reach their academic goals.


The centre services are basically Primary Health Care, which includes: First Aid, treatment of minor ailments (e.g. diarrhoea, headaches, cold and flu), family planning, health education, sexually transmitted diseases, peer education programme HIV/AIDS counselling, testing and management. Qualified psychologists are available to help students deal with personal problems affecting their studies.


Our SRC elections are conducted in a democratic manner so as to ensure free and fair elections. The IEC oversees the SRC election process to ensure free and fair elections. The students are encouraged to report all factors that affect them negatively while studying at VUT Ekurhuleni Campus to Student Life and SRC Office.


Community Engagement is one of the strategic pillars of Ekurhuleni Campus. We cannot exist in isolation as the community is our strategic partner in the learning process. The Campus encourages the spirit of caring, sharing and endearment to the community of which they are part. There are collaborations, networking and partnering with the community both public and private so as to contribute to the nurturing of South Africa’s democracy.


We are a Campus that work with technology to uplift people