Vaal University of Technology

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Key Strategic Goals and Objectives

Key Strategic Goals

1. To develop enterprising individuals

2. To contribute in developing a strong culture and practices of innovation and entrepreneurship within the institution

3. To partner with strategic units within the institution, relevant higher education structures, industry, government and communities to promote and grow Small to Medium Enterprises

4. To contribute in growing applicable research and build strong scholarship in areas of curriculum, teaching and learning as well as in innovation and entrepreneurship drawn from faculties and communities

Key Strategic Objectives

1. To set up an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Orientation Programme to generate interest and develop entrepreneurial mind-set amongst students (job generators rather than job seekers)

2. To set up the Social Intelligence Programme designed to develop skills of critical and creative thinking, active citizenry and cultural understanding

3. To develop a postgraduate and staff advisory facility for research focused in areas of innovation and entrepreneurship drawing from disciplines, cross-disciplinary work, curriculum as well as teaching and learning

4. To provide training in novel ideas generation, prototype development, testing and commercialisation as well as work with relevant units to secure Intellectual Property rights

5. To act as an institutional mechanism for providing up-to-date information on innovation and entrepreneurship trends and future directions including developing models and conceptual frameworks that support curriculum, teaching and learning, research as well as application processes of the institution

6. To retrain existing businesses, guide them to medium growth levels and provide advice on diversification and, building strategic networks for aggressive competitiveness

7. To link up with other units in order to respond effectively to emerging challenges and opportunities that innovation and entrepreneurship enable within the institution, local communities and regionally in relation to promoting SMEs and enterprising behaviour