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Home Corporate Services Units Quality Promotion QP Manual Selection Criteria for External Reviewers

Selection Criteria for External Reviewers

Selection Criteria for External Reviewers

When departments/support units decide on the selection of nominees for appointment as External Reviewers they should take note of the following:

External Reviewers should:

Be familiar with the subject being taught in the relevant programme/s of study or should have the necessary expertise in managing a similar support service unit

Be sufficiently knowledgeable and be expert in their individual field to assess how the subject/support service unit should develop in the future

Be familiar with higher education and the minimum standards for the optimal functioning of departments/support service units

External Reviewers should NOT:

Be an external examiner from within the department concerned or have carried out this role within the last three years

Have had any close association/working relationship with the department/support unit

The above criteria are merely guidelines and may not be exhaustive. Departments or service units may collectively decide on what additional criteria should be established to ensure that the best candidate is chosen as an external reviewer.