Vaal University of Technology

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The Social Justice and Transformation Unit is responsible for the day to day implementation of VUT’s Integrated Transformation Plan, it also plays a big role in enhancing the image of VUT in the eyes of its stakeholder through public meetings, road shows, and events.

Transformation Goal: Ensuring that VUT not only projects a positive image of itself but equally lives up the true meaning of social justice where all members of VUT family are treated with respect.

Transformation Unit promotes: Gender sensitivity and inclusivity in university operations

Our Mission: To institutionalise Social Justice and Transformation at all levels of the institution.

Our vision: To ensure Transformation at the university and respond to national transformative imperatives, and thereby ensuring an environment which promotes and adheres to the principles of Social Justice.

Our values:

- Dignity

- Equity

- Equality

- Integrity

- Respect

- Diversity

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