Vaal University of Technology

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The Engineering Manufacturing Centre falls under the TTI where prototypes of designs and projects are made. We also do machining, welding and bending and  some maintenance work for the whole VUT as well.

Type of work done;

•         CNC and Conventional machining on Lathes and Milling machines.

•         Bending & Cutting of Plates up to 2.5 meter wide and 4 mm thick.

•         Welding of more materials including Gas welding, MMA-welding, TIG-welding,  CO2-welding and Plasma cutting.

•         Manufacturing and Fabrication of smaller type of machines and components.


Industries we work with

•         Assist the VUT’s Laboratories and students in their projects

•         Do machining of automotive parts

•         Assist Projects and Services in their maintenance work

•         Assist the Faculties in fabricating models classrooms and laboratories

•         Do minor work for the private sector.

Machines & Equipment

•         Wasino L3J3 CNC machining Center

•         Bridgeport CNC Vertical Milling Machine

•         Mitco Convention Lathes

•         Remac Horisontal  milling machine & Gear cutting

•         Caxton Press

•         Tarng’s  and Sacem Slotting Machines

•         Traub Auto Lathe

•         Radial drilling Macine

•         Pedistal drilling Machine

•         Foshan Nanhai Lifeng guillotine

•         Germani Press Brake

•         Carolina Horisontal Band saw

•         Professional Mig Welding machine

•         Professional Plasmig  welder / cutter

•         Tonco Arc welding machine

•         Inverter welder

•         MATTIG welder

•         MPB Roller Bender

•         Hestico Spark Eroder

•         Electrical and Pneumatic Hand tools



•         Machining of V-8 Manifolds for Superchargers

•         Design and Fabrication of Suspension Struts for POLO Cup Racing

•         Design  and build Universal Metal / wood  Vertical band saw

•         Design and build   Slurry mixing machine

•         Build Harvesting Scissors

•         Design and build Fire Wagon

•         Build Solar panel  sun tracing frame


Contact: Mr. Wessie Van Der Westhuizen (HOD)

Department: Engineering manufacturing Centre (EMC)

Tel: (016) 950 9856

Cell: 082 670 4797

Fax: (016) 930 5001

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it