Vaal University of Technology

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Non-contact Digitising

3D scanners (non-contact 3D digitisers) use either an LED or laser to pick up and convert data to digital media for use in engineering. Other uses include reverse engineering and the ability to check for deviation (tolerance-based measurements of difference between the actual product and the reproduced product). This includes sculptures, using the scanner to capture the sculptures in digital medium and scale it to produce an exact replica in any size. The scanners can scan data up to 15 microns and objects of any size can be scanned.

Contact Digitising

The facility uses a portable contact digitiser to determine precise point-by-point digital measurements. This method is suitable for a variety of industries, ranging from engineering to design, where it is used to capture the physical properties of three-dimensional objects and accurately translate them into complete 3D models. This digitiser has a workspace clearance of 1.27 m and is accurate to 0.2286 mm.


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