Vaal University of Technology

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General Information

  • All student examinations and other assessments, together with associated incidental matters, are governed by student assessment regulations.
  • Please see Student Assessment Regulations, as contained in the General Prospectus.

Exam timetables

  • Exam timetables are published and made available to students not less than two weeks before commencement of examinations.

Methods of publishing examinations timetables

Students are requested to continually check their timetable for any updates.

1)      Exam timetables are pasted on students’ notice boards.

2)      Exam timetables are given to students personally by the Examinations department.

3)      Exam timetables are made available on the university website.

4)      Students can access their timetable via student ITS iEnabler.

Past examination papers

  • Past examination papers are made available to students at the university Library.
  • The Library also makes past examination papers available on its online facilities.


  • After writing assessments and examinations, the outcomes are made available to students by the Examinations department.

Methods for publication of results

  1. Results are pasted on students’ notice boards.
  2. Results are given to students personally by the Examinations department.
  3. Students can access their results via student ITS iEnabler.
  4. Students can access their results via SMS from the University IVR system.
  5. SMS the number 34763

Supplementary examinations

  • VUT does not conduct supplementary examinations. Instead, students are given first and second opportunities to write examinations.
  • Second opportunity examinations differ from the old supplementary examinations in that:

1)      Students can choose to write either first or second opportunity examinations.

2)      Students do not necessarily have to fail first opportunity examinations in order to write second opportunity examinations.

3)      Students who choose to write both first and second opportunity examinations may forfeit the results of the first opportunity examinations.

4)      Second opportunity examinations will normally be scheduled immediately after first opportunity examinations.

5)      The results of second opportunity examinations will be made available at the beginning of the year after the second opportunity examinations have been written.

For enquiries pertaining to examinations, please contact:

Examination Officer: 016 950 6871