Vaal University of Technology

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Course & Programmes

National Diploma: Non-Destructive Testing

Three years full-time. NDT is a programme about the quality evaluation of manufactured materials especially metals. It is also used for testing of the integrity of a part that is already in-service as part of plant machinery.

Career Opportunities

Technicians: Perform inspections, monitoring, evaluations using non-evasive methods and quality assessment techniques. This is achieved through both fabrication and maintenance inspections conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements (codes and specifications). The technician can be part of an NDT department or unit within a company or as an independent service provider.

Engineers: Being part of a team involved in project development including design, fabrication and specifying inspection techniques and methods to be used to ensure product safety, reliability and longevity.

Research and Development Professionals: Working on improving the reliability of inspection methods and techniques. Further developing new techniques to inspect the improved materials and products utilised in the industry.


Semester 1 Semester 2

Chemistry I

Mathematics I

Physics I

Communication Studies I

Applied Communications Skills I (Module 1)

ICT Skills

Intro to NDT (Theory)

Intro to NDT (Practical)


Drawing: Mechanical Engineering

Penetrant Testing (Theory)

Penetrant Testing (Practical)

Radiographic Testing (Theory)

Radiographic Testing (Practical)

Mathematics II

Applied Communication Skills I (Module 2)

Physics II (Theory)

Physics II (Practical)

Semester 3 Semester 4

Magnetic Testing (Theory)

Magnetic Testing (Practical)

Ultrasonic Testing (Theory)

Ultrasonic Testing (Practical)

Metallurgy for NDT I

Introduction to Fracture Mechanics


Eddy Current Testing (Theory)

Eddy Current Testing (Practical)

Advanced Materials Evaluation (Theory)

Advanced Materials Evaluation (Practical)

Quality Assurance II

Metallurgy for NDT II

Entrepreneurial Skills

Option 1
Semester 5 Semester 6

Advanced Eddy Current Testing (Theory)

Advanced Eddy Current Testing (Practical)

Advanced Radiographic Testing (Theory)

Advanced Radiographic Testing (Practical)

Signal Processing


Work Integrated Learning II






Option 2
Semester 5 Semester 6
Work Integrated Learning I Work Integrated Learning II


Assessment is both continuous and summative.

Articulation Options

Semester 1 subjects are similar to the other Applied Sciences and some Engineering programmes.

Work Integrated Learning

Twelve Months for Practical I and II.

Professional Bodies

South African Institute of Non Destructive Testing (SAINT).