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What is Integrator Production?

Integrator Tertiary Software allows VUT Staff to log on and perform multiple function.

What is iEnabler?

Tertiary Software allows staff and students to log in to access information online. Staff will be able to log on to enter leaves and lecturer manage student class list online Student can access academic record, financial statement and timetable. It also enables new student to make new application online to become VUT student.

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Apply for leave

Forgot Password



Step 1

click the its iEnabler Link and enter your student no and click Request PIN

Step 2

Your PIN is sent to your VUT email account. To open your email account click here.

Step 3

Login to your email using your student number as your username and your date of birth as your password (e.g dd/mm/yyyy).


Step 1

Make sure your email account is linked to your its iEnabler Personnel account. To link your account Contact Human Resource Admin

Step 2

Once your email is linked click on its iEnabler menu link to request your PIN.

N.B Your PIN will be sent to your VUT email account.

To access your email account outside your work enviroment click here.


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