Thank you note from the International Office

Thank you note from the International Office

Donations received for VUT international students that lost their belongings

The International Relations Department would like to thank you for the donations received on behalf of two VUT international students who lost all their belongings when their apartment caught fire approximately three weeks ago.

The generous support of individuals like you makes it possible for our department to exist and to make the Vaal University of Technology and its community a great place to live in.

The two students, Ms Eyanga and Ms Chebou have settled in their new apartment, are now focusing on their studies, which is only made possible by your thoughtful contributions.

We are forever thankful for your generosity; to us it is not just a donation, it is something much more.  People like you, the VUT community, are appreciated for making choices that change lives in time of need.

VUT’s International Relations staff members

We hope for your continued support in the future.

Motho ke Motho ka Batho! – A person is what he is because of other people!