2019 First Year Orientation Picnic

2019 First Year Orientation Picnic

Students who attended first year picnic day

Rose Fumane Nthoroane

On Saturday, 11 May the Residence Living and Learning Department, together with the Green Campus Initiative (GCI), officially welcomed first-year students to a picnic day at the main residence sportsgrounds.

The purpose of the picnic was to touch base with the first years and make sure they feel welcome and even more comfortable within the university premises. A university should feel like a second home to students; a place of growth and safety.

The students were also given a talk about the responsibility that comes with being at varsity and the challenges they could come across as they progress. Mrs Portia Pasha, Manager: Residence Living and Learning said: “It is important for students not to forget where they come from and what their main goal was when they enrolled at this university institution.” She added that the department teaches the students to be independent and strong-minded as they are now on their own.

Students playing amazing race

The students got to socialise and engage with one another by participating in a number of games that included a sack game and an amazing race.

The students had fun while also learning some of life’s lessons.

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