Department: Biotechnology

Diploma: Biotechnology

3 Year course

Advanced Diploma: Biotechnology

M Tech: Biotechnology

PhD Biotechnology 

1. Admission Requirements:

Subjects Dip: Biotechnology
NSC endorsement Eligibility for Diploma
Compulsory subjects Notes


Physical Science

Life Science











Life Orientation Max 3
Any other 2 subjects 7
Total 26

2. Curriculum

Semester 1: Microbiology I, Chemistry I, Biodiversity and Ecology, Calculations & Statistics I, English Development, Communication Skills 1 (Model 1)
Semester 2: Microbiology II, Biochemistry II, Analytical Chemistry:  Biological II, Disease & Immune Response III, Basic Computer Skills, English Development (Module 1), Communication Skills 1 (Module 2).
Semester 3: Microbiology:  Biological III, Introductory Genetics II, Microbial Biochemistry III, Fermentation Technology II, Communication Skills (Module 1)
 Semester 4: Food Microbiology III, Analytical Biochemistry III, Quality Assurance 1 (Biological), Bioprocessing III, Entrepreneurship, Communication Skills 2 (Module 2)
Semester 5: Biotechnology Laboratory Practice I
Semester 6: Biotechnology Laboratory Practice II

BTech: 60% average for core Diploma subjects

Masters: 60% for BTech/Hons

PhD: Masters in any Biotechnology-related field

3. What are the functions of a Microbiologist/Biotechnologist?

Quality control in enterprises such as the following:  water purification plants, food processing factories, dairies, pharmaceutical factories, sewerage plants, etc.  Liaise with chemical engineers and technicians in the fermentation and biotechnology industries.

4. Career opportunities

A career as a microbiologist/biotechnologist offers challenging and exciting opportunities in a variety of institutions.  There is a demand for trained microbiologists/biotechnologists.  Job designations may vary from laboratory assistant at the entry level to laboratory technician at the middle level and eventually laboratory manager at the top level.

5. Enquiries

Enquiries may be addressed to:

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