Celebrating the Vice-Chancellor’s last graduation ceremony
Ms Masodi Esther Makhale, Nursing Lecturer

Celebrating the Vice-Chancellor’s last graduation ceremony

The Vaal University of Technology (VUT) choir closed Spring Graduation with an emotional farewell for Professor Gordon Zide who is retiring.

“I am happy today that I leave VUT not in a coffin but peace,” said Prof Zide in his closing speech.

He further said that he challenges all the graduates to go and make a difference.

Among the graduates were Ms Phindile Selepe and Ms Masodi Esther Makhale, who are both VUT staff members.

Ms Makhale, a 62-year-old nursing lecturer in the Faculty of Applied Science, obtained her Master’s in Psychiatric Nursing in 1996. On 12 September this year, she obtained her Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education and will soon be pursuing her PhD in Psychiatric Nursing. She said that doing a postgraduate qualification enabled her to refresh her skills as a trainer and educator and that this has helped her a lot when it comes to lecturing and handling students.

“Today I am proud of what I have achieved. I started doing nursing in 1989, remember I have old education skills and I needed to refresh, so this has helped me to enhance my lecturing skills,” she said. 

Ms Phindile Selepe, VUT residence general worker

Ms Selepe, a 36-year-old general worker, graduated under the Faculty of Human Science, after starting her studies in 2014. She said that when she used to clean in a hall and see all these graduates with their gowns, she was motivated to study so that she too could be a graduate. 

In closing, Ms Selepe said that this was never an easy journey for her: “I felt like quitting my studies so many times, but there was always that persistence and support I got from colleagues, friends, and family that helped me push to reach to this point. This has made me happy, I never thought I would make it but here I am, with God and prayers from maGogo (Granny), I made it and would love to thank everyone who supported me,” she said with a joyful smile.

Article by: Puleng Maphisa

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