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    Close up with Felicia Hlongwane VUT Alumni who now works as an Arts Facilitator
    VUT Alumnus- Felicia Hlongwane

    Close up with Felicia Hlongwane VUT Alumni who now works as an Arts Facilitator

    Felicia Hlongwane was born in Bergville Kwazulu-Natal (KZN). She is an Arts Facilitator and works for the Sibikwa Arts Centre.  She teaches various art projects that focus on a variety of art techniques that support and meet the visual arts curriculum for elementary school learners.

    Felicia holds a Fine Art Bachelor’s Degree from the Vaal University of Technology (VUT). Felicia indicated that studying at VUT contributed a lot to her achievements. She boasts that she now has new essential art skills, which include how to interpret, criticize and use visual language and information to make choices based on how she understands and views the world.

    Her studies also helped her to discover herself by exposing her to multifariousness in the Arts field – from history and finding out artists who share her interest. Her educational expectations were not fulfilled by studying at VUT as she is still expecting more from what she got from VUT. She plans on furthering her studies.

    “Always plan and draw up a weekly schedule,” she says is the way she used to manage time towards her work.  Felicia chose VUT as her preferred institution of higher learning because she did not apply at any other university to study, and her sister was already studying at VUT and that made it easier for her to choose VUT and then registered for Fine Art.

    As a VUT Alumni, she would love to be part of the VUT Fine Arts programmes or activities, so that she can impart her skills to Fine Arts students. “This would all be to motivate other students and to be their inspiration”, says Felicia.

    She concluded by sharing that the students who are still doing their first qualification must focus on their goals and get involved in student groups that share the same goals.

    Article by: Jimmy Mudau            

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