Dream it, believe it, do it
Magister Technologiae recipient: Ms Khomotso Setlhare

Dream it, believe it, do it

The faculty of Applied and Computer Science conferred 10 Magister Technologiae degrees to graduates at their graduation ceremony on 8 April.

Among the graduates was Khomotso Setlhare, a 31-year-old who said that it was the most difficult journey of her life as she is also a mother, a wife and a microbiologist at Randwater and had to do all this while studying, but that she made it through her support system.

Ms Setlhare said she sends a big thank you to her family, colleagues, supervisors and friends for the support that they gave her, no matter how challenging it was.

“Not only close people supported me, but also Dr Neil Leat who is now in New Zealand, helped me to go through with my M-Tech. I appreciate every role that everyone played in my life, this was the first time I felt that I am a student, I have bruises to show how I sweated to hold this M-Tech today and I am so proud of myself,” she said.

She further said that no matter how tough it was, it was worth it. She ended by saying that if she had made it, it’s possible for others do it, all they have to do is just to “dream it, believe it and do it” and then they can succeed.

Article by: Puleng Maphisa

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