“Find a mission/purpose YOU care about to succeed’’: Dr. Mothibi advises
Dr. Gloria Mokgalagadi Mothibi

“Find a mission/purpose YOU care about to succeed’’: Dr. Mothibi advises

Dr. Gloria Mokgalagadi Mothibi a Lecturer: Department of Logistics & Supply Chain Management in the Faculty of Management Sciences, recently graduated with a PHD at the Vaal University of Technology (VUT). Her thesis was titled: ‘A FRAMEWORK FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF E-PROCUREMENT PRACTICES IN THE SOUTH AFRICAN PUBLIC SECTOR.’

Dr. Mothibi holds the following qualifications prior her graduation:   Master’s in Business Administration (MBA): Regenesys Business School South Africa, Management advance Program (MAP): Wits Business School, South Africa; Post Graduate Certificate in Management (CIM) GIMT: Henley College based in the UK; Diploma in Higher Certificate Project management: Damelin Business College; Diploma in Business Organisation & management: Damelin Business College.

Dr. Mothibi is of the view that through focus, commitment & determination as well as considering the steps listed below, that her family, village, the institution is today celebrating her recent achievement:

  • Goal setting and managing PhD project (this was her vision 2020): She carved out a clear and specific research goal for her PhD; avoided distractions and irrelevant side-activities and used all available resources that were at her disposal to get finished.
  • Time management:Awareness that time for her PhD is limited. She allocated PhD work as the highest priority. She had a clear sense of urgency to get things done and planned her days to spend the time in the most meaningful way.
  • Writing skills: Sheavoided procrastination, writing regularly, normally every day. Through supervision, she managed to master various types of science communication to complete the thesis.
  • Supervision:She was very fortunate to have Supportive and excellent/expert research supervisors namely Prof Dhurup and Prof Mafini. Through a good relationship, she managed to have constructive discussions with them regularly. She actively sought feedback from them and with a smile and positive attitude I took up their criticism and improved her work.

Very humbled, excited, spiritually fulfilled, she added that her recent achievement will contribute to the existing knowledge that VUT has.

She now aims to be actively involved in research-intensive academic jobs or a position with a greater emphasis on teaching.  She is interested in non-academic projects which could involve working in the Education Training & Development industry; working  in projects  that are close to academia like SAQA qualification & short skills with the SETAS; write articles, journals, personal biography and books when time permits.”

She further shared that one should find a mission/purpose they care about. Some of the Lesson learned in her PHD journey was to be a courageous leader and applying the following key concepts:

  • Knowing her mission/purpose she cares about: which was continuous self development
  • Investing time in gathering information: learning from my associates that are like minded by networking a lot.
  • Growing her village: interacting with people I trust, self-empowerement, adding value to my wellbeing and growth (learn from and look to others for support)
  • Keeping the eye on the bigger picture: to keep going and making the impossible possible.

“Research is all about communicating effectively and knowing your audience (taking other readers/researchers into consideration). The art of writing message/thesis must be clear, persuasive and inspiring. Don’t give up #justdoit, know your guiding values and principles, know what your non negotiables are in your life while planning to embark on this journey.

 Her strategy has always been to use the YOU framework. She further described as follows:

  • Yourself: Owning your goals, be aware of challenges that you can face; know weaknesses and try and bring valuable contribution to the people around you.
  • Others: How to appeal to others and their goals.
  • Understanding: who could help you to complete the research and write your thesis, most importantly, how to appeal to the people who are not supporting you.

 She concluded by saying, #takeyourbooksandstudy, this she learned from her late dad and is currently walking the talk. Her studies were partly funded by VUT.

Article by: Qhawekazi Memani

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