“I am strict but they pass” says Mr Okpusa Oke
M-Tech graduate in Cost and Management Accounting, Okpusa Oke

“I am strict but they pass” says Mr Okpusa Oke

Mr Okpusa Oke, a staff member at the Vaal University of Technology in the Faculty of Management Sciences, graduated with the Magister Technologiae in Cost and Management Accounting on Tuesday, 9 April.

He expressed his excitement at receiving the qualification that he has been pursuing. His dissertation was entitled: An analysis: Wealth creation by the industrial companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange of South Africa, 2005-2014.

“If you have a vision, you have focus despite difficulties that you may face” he said, adding that he is a strict person, but his students pass his module.

“It is quite challenging being a lecturer and being a student at the same time … you need to focus on your studies. It is imperative to further your studies as they improve the chance of being promoted at work,” he said. “It’s better to go big to make it in any industry.” 

Article by: Wendy Ntshakala and Nontobeko Zondi

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