Magna Cum Laude graduate gives hope
Magister Technologiae: Biotechnology Magna Cum Laude, Ms Kgodiso Judith Rabapane

Magna Cum Laude graduate gives hope

“I want to be a better hope for my mother,” says Kgodiso Judith Rabapane, the only VUT student in 2019 to receive a Magna Cum Laude for her Magister Technologiae in Biotechnology from the Faculty of Applied and Computer Science.

This award is given to students who obtained an average of 80% and above for their academics.

“I am doing this to honour my parents since they haven’t had the privilege to go to school or varsity,” she said, expressing her gratitude.

Her disadvantaged background and sleepless nights are what drove Kgodisa to reach for such a prestigious qualification.

Her achievement proves that commitment and dedication pays off. Kgodisa motivated her fellow students, saying: “Students should keep their focus on the vision, regardless of challenges one can face, don’t allow people to deter you from it.”

Article by: Wendy Ntshakala

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