Move aside for some good coffee
Mr Lindo Masango

Move aside for some good coffee

Lindo Masango, founder of Coffeasider told EduSportsRec Media about his innovative coffee business which is ensuring coffee culture is taken across market barriers.

Coffeasider is a local brand, 100 per cent black-owned and is challenging the system! Mr Masango’s target market is the middle to working classes, bringing a luxurious product to them at an affordable price.

He says he has a team of students that he is working with and a Portuguese company, Nicolas Café, is supplying the coffee.

He says, however, that there have been a lot of challenges that have made him realise being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. It is a journey filled with pain, sacrifice but also rewards.

Coffeasider is involved in many events and, despite its small size, is determined to give back to the community. The Coffeasider Charity Cup ’19, under the Res Premier League, was a huge success.

Article by Takalani Mawelewele

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