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    Newly appointed WIL Coordinator in the PR management department
    Newly appointed WIL Coordinator: Mr Knowledge Manana

    Newly appointed WIL Coordinator in the PR management department

    The Department of Tourism and Integrated Communication congratulates Mr Knowledge Manana as the newly appointed Work Integrated Learning Coordinator within the PR management department.

    Mr Manana is a Lecturer in the Tourism and Integrated Communications Department. He holds a Master’s Degree in Media Studies from the University of the Witwatersrand. He’s been a lecturer for six years at the Vaal University of Technology and has previously occupied similar positions at two other public universities from 2007 and a former high school teacher.

    He is a father of two girls and a lover of popular and indigenous culture, sports and entertainment.

    Mr Manana’s background has prepared him for this position. At his previous institution, apart from lecturing, he was an assistant to a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Coordinator. So, one can safely say he is familiar with the purpose and importance of his position both from student and institutional perspective and of course his time in the office has been challenging.

    Mr Manana’s mandate as the WIL coordinator is to:

    • Keep up with the changes that the field comes with in terms of keeping up to date with development in the national policies and frameworks space(s).
    • Aims to go beyond boundaries that are set in the WIL operations
    • Maintain a good relationship (teamwork) between coordinators at academic and administrative level as this will ensure a benefit towards the success of a critical stakeholder (the student).
    • To bring the industry and institutions closer to each other in order to reinforce the historical concept of a university whose approach is based on innovation, information synthesis and sharing, where the university actively takes part in creative ways towards problem solving.

     Mr Manana says the experience has been challenging so far: “Stepping into a stage that has been “naturally” occupied by one coordinator for an extensive period may mean you need to manage things according to how the previous coordinator was going about things. But there is always room for change. For instance, COVID -19 has altered the operating environment. Meaning the approach to things also must change if I am to make the success of it. But overall, it is an exciting and potentially a change enabling task” he says.

    Article by: Mandisa Mtimkulu

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