No secret to success
Basetsana Mastobane, an Electrical Engineering Cum Laude graduate

No secret to success

Basetsana Mastobane, a student from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology who graduated with her National Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Cum Laude, says she feels honoured and expressed her gratitude for receiving this award

“Varsity is a test in finding yourself,” she said. “It is very important as a student to know where you stand, find yourself in knowing what you want and choose what works for you when it comes to academics.” 

Basetsana also emphasised the fact that “there is no secret to success except focus, dedication and adhering to your commitments”.

“To be a successful student in your academics it is important to start each study session with a brief review of the material, including class notes, discussion questions, and any points you may have thought of since the last time you cracked the books. This keeps information fresh, builds a solid foundation, and helps you decide where you need to spend most of your time,” she said in motivation to other students.

Article by: Wendy Ntshakala

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