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    “ Nothing emerges from laziness, “says Mr Mbedzi
    Mr Ndivhuhweni Innocent Mbedzi

    “ Nothing emerges from laziness, “says Mr Mbedzi

     Mr Ndivhuhweni Innocent Mbedzi has recently been appointed as the new Policing lecturer for the Department of Legal Sciences. He hails from Tshaulu village in the Limpopo Province.

     Up his sleeves, Mr Mbedzi holds a master’s degree in Law from the University of Limpopo and is currently pursuing his Doctorate of law (LLD). Mr Mbedzi believes that his background has prepared him for the position, and he is a firm believer of hard work and dedication.

     Apart from his plan which includes imparting knowledge through research to the University and students, he plans on working towards publishing articles in different fields of Law in order to stay up to date with new Laws and Constitutions. He reckons that the importance of legal studies in our country is in such a way that it helps people to understand that the law is designed to establish standards, maintain order, resolve disputes, and for protecting liberties and rights.

    Mr Mbedzi values team work, he says “No one is a master of it all – I believe that deliberating on matters with colleagues is of utmost importance in a work environment. Asking my colleagues to get a better understanding of something l don’t understand, or rather something l don’t know has become a norm.”

    His experience thus far has been great and his advice to students who want to pursue their studies in Legal Sciences is that they should work hard because nothing emerges from laziness.

    Article by: Jimmy Mudau

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