’Nothing is more important than your origin’’ says Ms Matjokana
Thembi Slyvia Matjokana

’Nothing is more important than your origin’’ says Ms Matjokana

Thembi Slyvia Matjokana, was born in Gauteng Province in Evaton. When she was 13 years, her family moved to Sebokeng Zone 10.

Ms Matjokana completed Grade 12 at Fundulwazi Secondary School. She proceeded to Sebokeng College of Education where she got her teaching qualification.  In addition to her teaching qualification, she holds a Public Relations Management qualification from the Vaal University of Technology (VUT). She further attended a Business School at Wits University where she attained a entrepreneur certificate and Renesys for policy making and implementation.

Ms Matjokana works at Emfuleni Local Municipality in the office of the Speaker. She is the Head of Councillors Capacity Building, Wellness and Training Unit, responsible for Capacity Building for all Emfuleni Councillors. These includes information sharing to empower Councillors and information sharing with the public. Besides these, she also organises programmes as Emfuleni LM Ward Based War Room Coordinator aimed at government services  delivery and information sharing to the public, organizes wellness which includes councillors’ s health, personal financial management. These also includes training, further learning on how to best implement their task as councillors to better their knowledge and skills.

According to her, government is doing what it can in-order encourage people to walk behind their cultures. To emphasise on this, she indicated that, celebrating Heritage Day and making the month of September a month dedicated to our Heritage is an excellent initiative. Ms Matjokana pointed out what government should further do, is to ensure that there are tv programmes and that a channel to be especially dedicated to teaching the nation towards different cultures. “This would be the Heritage that will be passed on from generation to generation as we no longer have elders who teach our people about our heritage’’ said Ms Matjokana.

In her opinion, Heritage Day is very much important, we all need to know our roots ones identity should be norm for everyone. One should know where you come from as Maya Angelou said  “I have great respect for the past. If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going. I have respect for the past, but I’m a person of the moment. I’m here, and I do my best to be completely centered at the place I’m at, then I go forward to the next place.” This is what everyone must never take light and think that by only wearing traditional clothes and eating the food that is identified as food of certain cultures is celebrating our heritage. Heritage makes her to remember her ancestors and she is very proud of them including their ways of living.   and how they live. This day takes Ms Matjokana back to the old men and women who raised her. She is who she is because of her upbringing, the respect, humanity, love for all mankind and treating others as you would like them to treat you is all that she inherited from her ancestors, her parents and the whole family of her mother and father.

As a way of encouraging the youth towards their future, Ms Matjokana shared that, they must love who they are, be an African child and proud of their roots and exhibit their Heritage. Their culture for all to see. They must learn their Heritage and pass the knowledge to their children. She even wishes, she can be the one who educate other nations about our culture. She would like to see our youth go on social media talking about their cultures and make other nations wants to know more about us as Africans. It is important to our youth also to invest time in finding their roots and know where they come from, have family trees and make them part of their daily life.

In-order to manage time towards her workload, Ms Matjokana indicated that it is important for her to be available for her work and the people sheserves. She must always be available when needed and deliver to the best of her ability, in other way she values her work and make it a point that she makes an impact on what she is tasked for.

Article by: Jimmy Mudau

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