Perseverance is key
Doctorate Technologiae: Information Systems awarded to Dr René van Eck

Perseverance is key

An overwhelming moment of joy was witnessed at the Vaal University of Technology’s Desmond Tutu Hall when a Doctorate Technologiae in Information Systems was awarded to Dr René van Eck, who is currently a senior lecturer in the ICT department where she teaches first-year Information Technology, second-year Business Analysis and serves as a mentor to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The new doctor’s eyes filled with tears when she expressed how it felt to finally be able to wear the red gown with pride. “It took me seven years to obtain this qualification, so it does feel extraordinarily amazing. The journey was never easy at all,” Dr van Eck said.

She expressed her gratitude to her family and everyone who has supported her throughout: “I am very fortunate to have a strong support system in my life,” she said.

Dr van Eck gave words of encouragement to students who are pursuing their qualifications and said: “Once you start studying, go ahead and finish while you still have the chance and fewer responsibilities. In an academic journey, you will sometimes encounter difficult phases, but just have the spirit of perseverance, persist and in that way, you will surely make it.”

VUT is very proud and congratulates Dr van Eck on obtaining such a magnificent qualification.

Article by: Rose Fumane Nthoroane

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