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    Perseverance paves the way to success
    Doctor Technologiae in Biotechnology recipient: Dr Samkeliso Takaidza

    Perseverance paves the way to success

    Proud and joyful moments were witnessed when the Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences conferred four Doctors Technologiae in Biotechnology and Chemistry.

    The journey to obtain this prestigious qualification has not been a smooth one for the four, but a very rewarding one indeed.  The graduates are as follows:

    Samkeliso Takaidza for Biotechnology;

    Kate Kotlhao for Chemistry;

    Immaculate Linda Achieng Ouma for Chemistry; and

    Agnes Pholosi for Chemistry.

    Dr Takaidza shed a tear when she shared her journey and about the challenges she has encountered along the way: “I had to leave my family for six months to go to Sathyabama University in India, I had to adjust to a totally different environment – which was not easy – but I had to persevere. I wouldn’t have been here without the support of my family and my supervisor who always made sure I did not give up when the going gets tough.”

    Doctors Technologiae recipients in Chemistry Dr Agnes Pholosi, Dr Kate Kotlhao & Dr Immaculate Linda

    VUT would like to congratulate the graduates for the determination they have shown and for being an inspiration to undergraduates.

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