“Rise and continue with the journey” advise Marcus Makofane

“Rise and continue with the journey” advise Marcus Makofane

A courageous man by the name of Marcus Kagiso Makofane hailing from Jane Furse, in the province of Limpopo obtained his Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical engineering at the Vaal University of Technology (VUT). He began studying Mechanical engineering in 2007 where he enrolled for his National diploma. After the completion of the diploma, he relocated for work purposes to Lydenberg.

 He later enrolled for a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Mechanical engineering and had difficulties in travelling to Vaal for his classes. Nevertheless, he travelled tirelessly to make it for his classes, although he never made it on time, but he managed to conquer the obstacle. At times he would work 12-hour shifts and travel to the Vaal for his class in the morning and proceed to his night shift. It became easier when he purchased a car, as he was able to make it on time for his classes.

One of the biggest challenges he came across was failure in some modules. He resultantly abandoned the course as he had lost hope. When he heard that BTech was being phased out, he took the initiative to try again and he pulled through. Fortunately, he had a very helpful and supportive lecturer who would go out of his way to assist him even after working hours. Dr. Baohne conveyed so much patience towards him until he obtained understanding of the module and what was expected of him.

He is currently an Electromechanician and advises students to never give up easily. “Every journey has it’s uphill’s and downhills. If the journey overpowers you, look for an alternative positive source of energy to overcome the challenges that present themselves throughout the journey” he says with excitement.

Article by Thato Phalole

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