Stay focused and you will succeed
Doctor in Business, Dr Jeremiah Madzimure

Stay focused and you will succeed

On Tuesday, 9 April, the guests in the Desmond Tutu Great Hall witnessed an overwhelming moment for Dr Jeremiah Madzimure who received his Phd in Business.

Dr Madzimure, a Co-ordinator at the Centre of Academic Development at Vaal University of Technology since 2012, was in complete awe when he realised he would finally be graduating. He could not contain his excitement.

Working and studying at the same can be hard on anyone, but fortunately for him, he had the support of his beautiful family and supervisor. “At some point I wanted to quit because of the amount of work but I managed to balance everything.  I would come to work early in the morning at 4am, way before everyone else arrived and push my work.”

He gave words of encouragement to any student who is studying, he said: “Hard work and determination are the only things that will pull you through; the key to success is to stay focused.”

Article by: Fumane Nthoroane

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