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    VUT Alumnus Wins Merit Award at the 2019 Sasol New Signatures competition
    Mlamuli Zulu with his mixed-media artwork titled “Enlightened art gathering”

    VUT Alumnus Wins Merit Award at the 2019 Sasol New Signatures competition

    Art is an expression of human artistic talent and imagination, characteristically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. In this year’s prestigious 2019 Sasol New Signatures art competition, Mlamuli Eric Zulu, a Vaal University of Technology (VUT) Fine Art Alumnus was among the five artists who won a merit award. He won for his mixed-media artwork titled “Enlightened art gathering”. This prestigious event took place on 21 August at the Pretoria Art Museum.

    Mr Zulu is a young, skilled and talented artist who hails from the rural area of Ulundi in KwaZulu- Natal and is currently undergoing his internship at the Department of Arts & Culture in Ulundi. He draws his inspiration from the “outrageous and unbelievable” activities that are being done by thee miraculous pastors. His work is based on augmented reality, a skill that was acquired from the American Art Incubator held at the KZNSA Gallery in Durban this year.

    In 2018, he won the overall prize at the Thami Mnyele Fine Art Awards (TMFAA) and received a special Lasiya Youth in Business and Entertainment Award.

    Ms Nkuli Khumalo, a VUT Fine Art Lecturer, expressed her gratitude by saying that Mlamuli took time to find his feet when he registered at the university. As he grew, he started to develop and invest time not only in himself but in his work too.

    “As a lecturer, I can only plant a seed for the stem to start to grow out of the love of what I do. He started to love and water the plant and that is what took him to the next level. Mlamuli is still growing the same plant, and that is what is taking him to the next level of his career and success. He never gave up and I am proud of him,” she said.

    The Pretoria Art Museum exhibition will feature the work of all the winners and 80 finalists of the highly respected competition catalogue. The exhibition will run until 29 September 2019.

    The Sasol New Signatures competition has been a platform for promoting emerging artists and their work to the art-loving public at large.  Many of the works now have a proud place in the Sasol art collection.

    To find out more about Mr Zulu, follow him on:

    Instagram: Mla_Zulu

    Facebook: Mla Art Zulu

    Twitter: Mlamuli_Zulu

    Or contact him on Email:  or Cell: 0710795999

    Article by: Nontobeko Zondi

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