VUT MTech Graduate working on resolving environmental issues
Trésor Lukusa Kabeya

VUT MTech Graduate working on resolving environmental issues

Master of Engineering: Chemical graduate this season, is Trésor Lusuka Kabeya who hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Working currently as a Tutor at the Vaal University of Technology (VUT), the thesis he just graduated on, ‘Synthesis of Gelatin-Cellulose Hydrogel Membrane for Copper and Cobalt removal from Wastewater’. 

Trésor highlights that heavy metals in drinking water can lead to diseases such as cancer,

“My work has contributed to the preparation of a low-cost absorbent for wastewater treatment,” he says.

Having bagged another belt: “I feel like I have less pressure on myself and sometimes I can’t believe I DID IT! (lol). It is always better to have a master’s in Engineering but on the other hand, I have a huge responsibility towards the planet, especially with the climate change challenges.  Working hard to bring some solutions to the problems related to our environment, or any other areas, will guarantee a better future for upcoming generations,” he says.

Trésor advises fellow students: “Life is not linear, and after all the sacrifices made…, let’s reassure ourselves that our trendline is close to ‘1’.  Above all, don’t give up because of COVID-19”.

“VENI, VIDI VICI, which means I came, I saw, I conquered” is the motto he lives by. 

Besides missing his family, Tressor says they are very proud of him for rising higher and higher.

Article by: Qhawekazi Memani

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