“Work hard today for your good living tomorrow,” says Ivy Rihlampfu
VUT Alumnus- Ivy Rihlampfu

“Work hard today for your good living tomorrow,” says Ivy Rihlampfu

VUT Alumnus- Ivy Rihlampfu was born in Diepkloof, Soweto. She studied diploma in Fine Arts at Vaal University of Technology (VUT) from 2011-2014 and further enrolled for her B-Tech: Fine Arts in 2019. Ms. Rihlampfu is currently working as a Visual Artist and Curator. Her studies opened doors for her in a way that she never thought would be possible.

As much as Ms. Rihlampfu was able to attain her educational expectations on record time, she also made sure that she is taught the business side of what she studied so that it could be easier for her to navigate life after university. “I am busy researching on how to use what I’ve learned at VUT to link it with my profession,” she said.

It is not easy for her to manage time as she runs her own business and produces her artwork, but she does her best by dividing time for each task that needs to be completed. Ms. Rihlampfu chose to study at VUT because it was the closest university she got admitted to after completing her matric.

“Studying at VUT was very enjoyable, its seclusion worked well and made me concentrate more on what I came to do at VUT, and with that being said I was able to complete my modules,” said Ms. Rihlampfu.

Looking at VUT back then and now, Ms. Rihlampfu has indicated that more has changed comparing the former Vaal Tringle Technikon and the now Vaal University of Technology.  Emphasizing that, she pointed out the new exquisite buildings that one can find today at VUT and the newly introduced courses that were not there before.  Having said that, she added: “I would like to see VUT offering introduction modules to business for the creative courses like Fine Arts”.

Ms. Rihlampfu also mentioned that she would like to contribute her skills to Alumni activities as a mentor to final year students who are studying Fine Arts. To her, former VUT students need to keep in contact with the institution as it gives them enough time to give back by helping current students.

VUT is one of the good universities according to Ms. Rihlampfu, more especially when she is comparing it to other Universities of Technology. Whenever she visits her department, she says she sees improvement, she is happy about it. “When you go out, many companies rate VUT as one of the respectable Universities of Technology,” says Ms. Rihlampfu.

Ms. Rihlampfu concluded by advising students who are still doing their first qualifications. In that advice, she indicated that it is not going to be easy to complete the course for someone who cannot work hard and focus on his\her studies. But then, also said if they can follow the right way of study things will become easier and understandable to them.

Ms. Rihlampfu is benefiting more from her studies and they also give her a continuous advantage in her career.

Article by: Jimmy Mudau

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