Working and studying is a challenge, but it can be done
Department of Logistics Lecturer Mpho Teiho Tlale, obtained Doctorate Technologiae in Business

Working and studying is a challenge, but it can be done

Mpho Teiho Tlale, a lecturer in the Department of Logistics at Vaal University of Technology (VUT) was one of the students to earn a doctorate.

For his Doctorate Technologiae in Business, Mpho completed a thesis entitled: Supply chain capabilities, agility and firm performance in a developing economy, and also held positions as tutor and lecturer for business management, logistics management and operations management, among others. His research interests lie within the areas of supply chain management and information technology.

Dr JP van der Westhuizen, his promoter, burst with pride when he said: “Mpho ke itumetsi ho keteka letsatsi lena le wena,” meaning “I am happy to celebrate this day with you”.

Having to work and study at the same institution does have some perks, said Mpho: “It is not much of a disadvantage; it was actually an advantage to me because I’ve had a lot of support from HODs, colleagues and other staff members. The journey has been challenging but interesting, I would actually do it again,” he said.

However, there is no easy way to obtain a doctorate and along the journey you encounter challenges that can either make or break you: “The challenges that I can say I faced was the time that I lost, and coming across people who demoralise you by asking ‘why are you doing this?’ Not everyone gets through this. The other challenge that I faced was me having to spend a lot of money on the resources for me to complete the course, it costs a lot of money, emotions as well as time.”

Article by: Hope Banda

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