Frequently Asked Questions

Centre for Entrepreneurship FAQs

Yes, the 6 month programme is run twice a week for approximately 4 hours per session.

The 8 week programme will include only one session per week to accommodate the heavy schedule of existing entrepreneurs.

As with any training and capacity building, it is what you put in that will determine what you get out. We do however, focus on sustainability of enterprises and will provide limited incubation services after completion of our 6 month programme.

For those who meet our criteria, the training will be available free of charge (subject to certain conditions). Subsidised training will be provided for others who also qualify for the programme. Contact us via telephone, email or in person for more details.

The CfE and the TSU (Technology Station) are housed on the same premises and operate as partners in assisting entrepreneurs. The TSU offers services which include product development, research & development, as well as certain technical skills training.

We provide the skills and guidance to get your business to a level which should enable you to qualify for funding applications with certain funding institutions, as well as for financing opportunities.

We equip you to thoroughly test your product/service idea for feasibility. We provide you with a comprehensive tool to tweak your idea for success. No one can however, guarantee success as the implementation lies in your hands. Coaching and mentoring will be provided for viable businesses with appropriately-skilled entrepreneurs.

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