Centre for Health Education and Development









Where to find us              :                                                                               N-Block (N006-Ground Floor)

Director                             :                                                                               Mrs Maureen Motsukunyane

Projects Officer                 :                                                                               Mr Thapelo Kgakatsi

Office Number                  :                                                                               N006- Next to Campus Clinic

Contact number               :                                                                               016  950 6617


Centre for Health Education and Development is responsible for coordination, facilitation and implementation of HIV/AIDS Programmes in alignment with the VUT HIV and AIDS Policy, National Strategic Plan on HIV, STIs and TB (2017–2022), Policy and Strategic Framework on HIV and AIDS for Higher Education in South Africa (HEAIDS 2016).



To be a university that leads in implementing effective and innovative Health, Wellness and Development programmes.


To produce employable graduates that are physically, emotionally and socially healthy by:

Responding to the pandemic drivers through teaching, learning, innovation, knowledge generation and community engagement.
Ensuring comprehensive and effective response towards Health, Wellness, Behavioural Change, Stigma and Discrimination.
Promoting the health and wellbeing of staff and students.


1.       Prevention and Awareness Campaigns

a.       First Things First (HIV Counselling and Testing/TB/STI)

b.       COVID-19 Screening, Isolation, Testing, and Referral Services.


c.       Health and Wellness Campaign.

d.       National Calendar Events



2.       Peer Education Programme

a.       First Things First (HIV Counselling and Testing/TB/STI education)

b.       Sexual Reproductive Health Response

c.       Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programme

d.       Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexual Asexual and Queer) LGBTIAQ

e.       Gender Based Violence Programme.

f.        Disability

g.       Mental Health

h.       Social and Emotional Intelligence


3.       Education, Workshops and Training

·         Capacity building training for staff and students.


4.       Health and Wellness Promotion

·         Referral to relevant service providers for Treatment, Care and Support.


5.       Integration of HIV/AIDS into Curriculum

·         Educating and Equipping Students Through Formal Teaching and Learning Programmes (Social And Emotional Intelligence)


6.       Community Engagement

·         Engage Government , Non-Government and Private Organisations including Communities, (Public – Private Partnerships)

·         Outreach Projects With Peer Educators.


7.       Research

·         Research/Surveys

·         Monitoring and Evaluation


8.       Workplace HIV and AIDS Programme

·         Regular Awareness  and HIV/TB/STI’s and COVID-19 Screening and  Testing Campaigns

·         Condom Distribution

·         Peer Education Programme

·         Education/training/workshops

Human Resource Department

Human Resource Department