Dad’s rejection fuelled her to succeed

Dad’s rejection fuelled her to succeed

Cum Laude Recipient for the National Diploma: Information Technology; Ms Itumeleng Gertrude Katali

Puleng Maphisa

Ms Itumeleng Gertrude Katali stands tall and proud as she now holds a National Diploma in Information Technology (IT) Cum Laude. Her journey with the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) started off with her doing an extended programme (previously known as Introductory programmes), currently enrolled for BTech and has just recently been employed as a Website Administrator under Corporate Affairs.

Itumeleng said she owes it to her family for the support and sacrifices through thin and thick. Referring to her mom as a hero and a pillar of strength. Her graduation day, which was on 9 April under the Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences, proved an exciting and life-changing day for her. She mentioned that although she is happy, there is an element of sadness that creeps into her heart when she remembers where she comes from.

“Today I am very happy, despite the challenges that I have gone through. My father denied me as a child, but here I am today – I’ve made my mom proud. I cannot fathom where she gets her strength from and I am who I am because of her,” said Itumeleng, with tears of joy rolling down her cheeks.

She said that growing up without a father – and knowing that he denied her, has never stopped her from being driven and confident and knowing that she has the ability to achieve that which she wants. Her Father’s rejection didn’t put her down, instead, it pushed her to always strive to be on top.

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