Welcome to the Department of Marketing, Retail Business and Sport Management

Marketing, Retail Business & Sport Management

Engaging with our Department will introduce you to the dynamic and relevant world of marketing & Retail Business Management. As of 1 January 2004, the Sport Management programme is not incorporated in the department. Today, the Department undertakes to provide a stimulating curriculum which lays a firm bedrock for career opportunities in the private, public and other sectors of government.

Our pride is in the ability to promote academic intellectualism that is unfiltered and knows no boundaries. In our commitment towards delivering top graduates, we uphold a teaching-research nexus coupled with industry linkages, both locally and internationally. I invite you to engage with our website for information on our academic programmes, excerpts from staff and students’ research activities as well as updates on our student and industry activities.

Unique proposition:

The unique proposition set by the department of Marketing, Retail Business & Sport Management is to help you maximise your potential in all areas of life through activities ranging from authentic learning experiences, practise-informed and research-informed assessments and learning activities among others. We encourage you to continue on your path toward personal excellence and lifelong fulfilment. Therefore, studying in this department entails more than just the attainment of an academic qualification – it is a formative process of personal growth and development.