Department of Mechanical Engineering

About Us

The purpose of the qualification National Diploma: Engineering: Mechanical is to develop the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills required for the student’s further learning towards becoming a competent practicing Mechanical Engineering Technician. It is intended to subsequently empower candidate Engineering Technicians to demonstrate that they are capable of applying their acquired knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes and values in the work environments in South Africa. It is designed also to add value to the qualifying student in terms of enrichment of the person, status and recognition.

Career Opportunities

A Technician is a person in possession of at least a National Diploma: Engineering: Mechanical. The task of the Technician in the design field is to assist the Engineer / Technologist with the design of new products or equipment for use in industry or society.

A Technician in the maintenance field must see to it that preventive or scheduled maintenance is done on all machines in order to prevent interruptions in production. The activities in Mechanical Engineering can therefore be grouped into design, maintenance, electromechanical and project work where the latter includes aspects such as planning of projects, cost control, evaluation of tenders, negotiations with contractors, control over the progress of the project, co-ordination of all the interested departments and commissioning of the completed project.

In any heavy or light manufacturing industry, e.g. the chemical industry, iron and steel manufacturing industry, mining industry, power stations, transport services, provisional and government services, etc. Technicians are much sought after and a career in this field is lucrative and rewarding.