DHET presents study abroad opportunities to VUT staff and students

By: Nontobeko Moimane-15 September 2023

Ms Joy Nogade: Assistant Director for International Scholarships at DHET

The Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET) recently held an information sharing session at Vaal University of Technology (VUT).

Led by Ms. Joy Nogade, an Assistant Director for International Scholarships at DHET the primary objective of the session was to disseminate valuable information regarding a wide range of study abroad opportunities, including scholarships, training initiatives, institutional capacity building programs, and mobility opportunities available across the globe.

Addressing an attentive audience comprised of both staff members and students, Ms. Nogade passionately conveyed the significance of international education. She highlighted how studying at an international university can open doors to a world of possibilities, offering the chance to broaden one’s horizons, immerse oneself in a foreign culture, enrich the academic experience, and catalyse personal and career growth.

To facilitate the dissemination of this invaluable information, Ms. Nogade brought along informative marketing materials in the form of pamphlets, which were distributed to all attendees, ensuring that both staff and students had access to these resources. Additionally, VUT’s Department of Internationalization (DoI) team continued to make these pamphlets available to the wider campus community during the recent two-day Spring Graduation.

, Although they could not attend due to unforeseen circumstances, the National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) were also invited to participate in this initiative in a bid to further enrich the knowledge base of VUT’s academic community. However, they have committed to delivering virtual presentations on dates yet to be announced, offering another avenue for students and staff to gain insights into these exciting opportunities.

To ensure that this valuable presentation reaches a wider audience, the DHET’s presentation will be shared with students through the Blackboard platform, allowing for greater accessibility and engagement. For those with questions or a desire for more information about the scholarships and training opportunities presented, the DoI offices stand ready to provide further clarity and support. This collaborative effort between DHET, VUT, NRF and DSI reflects a commitment to empowering individuals with the knowledge and resources needed to embark on transformative educational journeys abroad.