Donating to Change the lives of our people

Donating to Change the lives of our people

By Puleng Maphisa 27 November 2020 

VUT adopted school Grade R class Setlabotjha Primary

On Wednesday, 18 November 2020, the Vaal University of Technology visited its adopted School in Eatonside Setlabotjha Primary School and two old age homes, namely: Vukuzenzele old Age Home in Sebokeng Zone 14 and Ons Gryse Jeug in Sasolburg.

Setlabotjha was adopted by VUT on 20 February 2004 and always had an excellent relationship with the institution over the years, and the recent visit symbolized the revival of the lost connection between the school and the University. The visit by the VUT delegated stakeholders was well received by the Grade R classes who were excited to receive masks that were donated by the 3rd year Fashion students of VUT.

The school Principal, Mrs. Sarah Mafube, said that she was so excited to see VUT on their premises and that VUT still remembers them. “We have always had a good relationship with VUT, I know back in the days when my learners would be going on a camp, I would pick up the phone, make a call to VUT, and they would provide us with transport. I had always wished to have that strong relationship again, and I am so excited to see VUT here with us today. As you all can see, we will soon be opening a new building, and I would extend my invitation to VUT so that they can bless us with their presence as it has always been my wish for VUT should celebrate our success with us,” said Principal Mafube with a joyful smile.

The Principal further said that a donation of masks came at the right time as some of their learners have one mask and sometimes come to school without masks, and with what VUT has done, it would be of great support to those who needs of an extra one.

Not just the principal showed gratitude to VUT but also Vukuzenzele old Age home, where the Centre Manager Ms. Vuyelwa Selebalo said that they appreciate the gesture by VUT. Many grandparents do not understand the importance of wearing a mask, and surely the donation would come in handy to the centre.

Mrs. Karin du Plessis, Acting Manager from Ons Gryse Jeug, also expressed excitement to see delegates from VUT vising the centre to donate masks. Mrs du Plessis said that when it comes to donations, not many organizations remember old age homes, but to see that VUT can still think of the old people is such a wonderful blessing.

“During this time, it is difficult for the children to visit their grandparents. We don’t allow visitations more especially to our fragile unit, and their children do not understand that. Most of them do not want to wear masks and we last received masks during the beginning of lockdown. We want to take this opportunity to thank VUT for considering us. This is such a great day to us, we love the fact the masks are washable, at least they would be able to wash and reuse them. We appreciate the donation, hope it doesn’t just end here, but VUT would continue to think about those in need, not only our centre” said Mrs. Karin du Plessis.

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