Dr. Nozipho Mzinyane: VUT PhD Chemistry Graduate determined to make a mark in her chosen Career

By Qhawekazi Memani 15 December 2021

Dr. Nozipho Nompumelelo Mzinyane grew up in a small Township called eZenzeleni, Warden in the Free State. Dr Mzinyane started working for VUT as a Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences.  “It has been a challenging journey, but resilience has been the order of the journey throughout hence I have now completed my PhD,” she says.

Dr. Mzinyane graduated with PhD in Chemistry, under the topic: ‘Preparation and characterization of novel hydroxamic acid modified pinecone composite and its application for remediation of Acid mine drainage’. The focus of her research was based on the treatment of the Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) coming from the abandoned mines containing heavy metals that causes cancer and other diseases. Working under the supervision of Prof Bobby Naidoo and the late Prof Augustine Ofomaja, her research aims to resolve the water problem we have in south Africa. “We created a natural absorbent that can work at low pH specifically with Acid mine drainage since the pH can be lower than 3,” she shared.

Overjoyed Dr. Mzinyane feels with this qualification she will get a chance to make a mark in the Acid Mine Drainage field.

She has one daughter, Ntokozo Mzinyane. Dr. Mzinyane is happily married to Dr Calvin Mabaso. Her maternal parents, Mandla and Nelisiwe Mzinyane were very happy that God has finally answered their prayers through their daughter’s achievement.



Dr. Mzinyane has penned and published the following articles:

Mzinyane, N.N., Chririwa, H., Ofomaja, A.E. and Naidoo, E.B., 2019. Effect of ammonium ceric nitrate as initiator in grafting of acrylic acid onto pinecone powder. Cellulose Chemistry and Technology, 53(9-10), pp.971-979.
Mzinyane N.N., Ofomaja, A.E, and Naidoo, A.E. Bobby. Synthesis of poly (hydroxamic Acid) ligand for removal of Cu (II) and Fe (II) ions in a single component aqueous solution. South African Journal of Chemical Engineering, under review.

Sharing advise to those looking to follow in her footsteps Dr. Mzinyane says: “It doesn’t matter where you come from, but your determination and your resilience will determine your destination.”

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