Message from Principal

Message from Principal

The long term contact Higher Education presence in Ekurhuleni region is and always has been a matter of concern for people of Ekurhuleni, Local Municipality, Business and Industry as well as Vaal university of Technology (VUT). In response to the concern VUT in 1995 established a VUT site of delivery for contact education at Kempton Park.

The site of delivery campus was since mandated to develop itself as a hub for training in ICT and related programmes and the Kempton park campus proved to have inadequate facilities for teaching and learning.

In January 2014 after negotiations with Department of Higher Education and Training and UNISA (University of South Africa), VUT relocated its campus from Kempton Park to Daveyton with understanding that VUT and UNISA would share the campus. The sharing and joint utilisation of the campus still subsists.

I joined the campus as Campus Principal in September 2015. Since then I have seen the campus gradually getting more visible and more stable.

We have since created and/or strengthened partnerships with:

  • ECOIF (Ekurhuleni Captains of Industry Forum)
  • Student landlord’s structures
  • Local municipality
  • Local security cluster
  • Brakpan Customer Care Centre
  • Local High Schools
  • Local TVET colleges
  • DHET, SAQA, Universities of South Africa, etc.

The campus has also since created an aggressive marketing plan to register its presence and promote its image both in the region and beyond.

As a growing campus we have two major management functions i.e. academic on one hand and administration and support on the other. Both these functions are headed and led by quite capable leaders; both being proudly women in leadership.

In order to continue and remain relevant our academic/teaching and other staff members have and still continue to attend skills improvement processes including but not limited to:

  • Research workshops
  • Atlas ti7.0.81 workshops
  • Project management
  • Blackboard training
  • Assessor training
  • CISCO IT training and others

As a campus we remain committed to leveraging the opportunities at our disposal that come with being at Daveyton campus and the strengths that come with joint utilisation of the campus with UNISA.

Our opportunities include among others:

  • Support from Council and Management of VUT.
  • Revision of our PQM for relevance to the needs of the local people, local government, business and industry.
  • Partnerships and agreements with local communities; and,
  • The only contact higher education institution in Ekurhuleni region.

As a campus we will continue to remain visible to provide accessible, affordable and quality higher education through programmes that do not only add value and relevant to the needs of the local communities but also foster growth and the footprint of VUT within the region.

In spite of being in a fairly new operating space VUT Ekurhuleni campus boasts 20 years of being “Your world to a better future!”


Mr. Vido Kungune

Campus Principal

Message from Head Academic

“No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated” – Nelson Mandela

At the Ekurhuleni Campus of the Vaal University of Technology, nurturing and developing our students is a collaborative effort.

We endeavour to inspire the passion for learning as an integral part of our students’ future development. Join us on this very exciting journey.


Dr. Elmarie Strydom

Head Academic

Message from Campus Administrator

The office of the Campus Administrator exists to oversee the registration process of the students of Ekurhuleni campus of the Vaal University of Technology. Also the financially needy students enjoy financial support through the Financial Aid office within this ambit. The responsibilities afforded to this office are well placed, since it is the same office that put the campus on the map through career exhibitions at schools and at different shopping centres to explain and showcase the course offerings. Student Affairs and Wellness departments also form part of the responsibilities of the Campus Administrator. Student Affairs pledges to provide the possible opportunities for leadership, cultural, spiritual enrichment, social activities and personal development. The office personnel offer assistance in identifying and addressing student concerns and problems.. In order to foster integration and unity, students are encouraged to participate fully in the cultural, social and developmental programmes. The office strives to help Ekurhuleni students seize opportunity to “stitch in time and save nine”, so as to be able to leave the institution as worthy and proud citizens. The office seeks to ameliorate any factor influencing students negatively while on campus. In its operation, the office of the Campus Administrator uses open-door policy to attend to any student queries and concerns and aims to ensure kgotso (peace, order and stability), pula (rain, success) and nala (prosperity) while on campus.


Ms. Helen Mmatlala Dube

Campus Administrator

Human Resource Department

Human Resource Department