Electrical Engineering 

About Us

Head of Department

Prof. C Nyamupangedengu

PhD Electrical Engineering

Welcome Message for the HOD

It is with great pleasure to welcome you to the department of Electrical Engineering at the Vaal University of Technology. The department offers the programs that are designed to reflect the varied needs of our students and the community we live in while maintaining academic rigor. These programs both undergraduate and post-graduate equip our students with essential knowledge and skills to work as engineering professionals in different disciplines such as Computer Systems Engineering, Process Control Engineering, Power Engineering, and Electronic Engineering. With the help of our dedicated staff, the department ensures that the curricula being offered are continuously reviewed to meet the real-world demands and rapid changes in technology to provide students with the necessary skills that are relevant to address current challenges in our communities especially in the fourth industrial revolution. Therefore, the department through the support our dedicated staff, believes the students’ future is bright as we work to shape their experience through one of the best institutions in South Africa.