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Humanity’s appetite for continuous improvement of quality of life through technology has reached unprecedented levels with the emergence of the AI. Since electricity is the most versatile form of energy, most technologies use electrical energy in various forms of frequencies ranging from greater than GHz to zero frequency. Electrical engineering is all about using electrons as energy carriers for various technological manipulations. Electrical engineering therefore, has become one of the most important engineering disciplines in the modern era.

The Electrical Engineering Department at VUT offers world-class quality academic programmes for the benefit of the industry, community and students in the country and beyond in the Global South.  The undergraduate and post-graduate programmes equip students with essential knowledge and skills to serve as engineering professionals in different disciplines such as Computer Systems Engineering, Process Control Engineering, Power Engineering, and Electronic Engineering. The department ensures that the offered curricula are continuously reviewed, keeping pace with and enabling technological advancements dictated by the fourth industrial revolution. In that regard, the department boasts state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories that are among the best in the country. Some images of the laboratories are as presented below.