Employment Equity Review


Employment Equity Review

The Employment Equity and Diversity Committee members

Thabiso Sechele

The Employment Equity and Diversity Committee (EEDC) gathered on 19 June to discuss Employment Equity Transformation at VUT, a body which is a product of the Employment Equity Act, 1998.

Mr George Mvalo, Social Justice and Transformation Director and Chairperson of EEDC, started by introducing the new Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Gordon Zide, to the committee members.

The purpose of the meeting was to raise issues and concerns hampering the effective implementation of employment equity and share these with executive members.

Profs Moutlana and Zide were taken through progress report on equity implementation in line with the goals of the VUT Employment Equity Plan including strategies for achieving the annual equity targets. EE practitioner Mr Victor Mashilwane presented a status report projected against the 2020 numerical goals. Some of the areas requiring attention include, gender, employment of people with disabilities and under representation of designated groups in certain occupational levels.

Gender parity and skills transfer were some of the areas needing immediate attention. Recommendations were that the committee should report regularly to the executive on implementation of their strategies and increased involvement in the employment processes such as shortlisting and advertising of posts.

 Prof Zide and Prof Irene Moutlana gave a few suggestions and advice. Prof Moutlana suggested that the EEDC look at the vision, mission and policies when planning and setting strategies to ensure effectiveness. Mr Mvalo and the board agreed to that and added that they must be in touch with various structures to ensure transformation in the institution.

The EEDC members were pleased with progress in general and also thankful for the support from the executive members of the institution. However, Prof Moutlana said they should not be shy in their success and should use it for future plans.

The committee also gave their thumbs up for the idea of having a State of the University address as suggested by Prof Zide

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