Engineering and Technology – Fees & Bursaries

Engineering and Technology – Fees & Bursaries


Faculty of Engineering and Technology
Amount (6 Months)
Chemical Engineering R 11,740
Process Instrumentation R 12,910
Power Engineering R 12,910
Electronic Engineering R 12,910
Civil Engineering R 13,100
Industrial Engineering R 13,100
Mechanical Engineering R 13,100
Metallurgical Engineering R 13,070
Operations Management R 12,950
Engineering: Computer Systems R 13,100

NB. The above costs are ESTIMATED COSTS ONLY and EXCLUDE residence, laboratory fees and student leviesCosts may increase with ± 10% for the 2016 academic year.

Contact numbers: Finance Queries (0861 861 888)

Bursaries and Loans


What is NSFAS?

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a loan and bursary scheme operating in terms of Act 56 of 99 and funded by the National Department of Education. NSFAS has been established to assist academically deserving and financially needy students to achieve academic goals at tertiary educational institutions in South Africa, with particular concern in overcoming barriers created by structural disadvantagement.

What does NSFAS offer?

– The means to obtain a tertiary qualification

– Loans at low interest rates

– Loans without guarantees

– A reasonable repayment plan

NSFAS convert loan (s) to a Bursary. Up to 40% of the award may be converted into a bursary depending on your end of year results.

– If you pass all the courses for which you have registered,

you qualify for a 40% bursary.

– If you pass three quarters of the course, you qualify for a 30% bursary.

– If you pass half of the courses, you qualify for a 20% bursary.

– If you pass one quarter of the course, you qualify for a 10% bursary.

– If you pass none of the courses, you qualify for no bursary at all.

What is a loan?

– A loan is the money you borrow to cover tertiary studies.

– This loan has to be repaid.

Who qualifies for a NSFAS loan?

You can qualify for a NSFAS loan if you are:

– A South African citizen;

– Registered at a South African university or University of Technology;

– An undergraduate, studying for a first tertiary educational qualification; or

– Studying for a second tertiary qualification, if this is necessary to practice in your chosen profession; (e.g. LLB or HDE)

– Able to demonstrate potential for academic success;

– Financially needy;

– You will, however, be expected to make your own family contribution towards the total costs of your studies.(EFC)

How much money do you get?

– There is a minimum award and a maximum award, which  is determined annually by NSFAS. Please enquire at the Financial Aid Office for the current limits.

Where do you apply for a loan?

At the Financial Aid Office of the Vaal University of Technology.

NOTE: Interest on NSFAS awards is determined annually by NSFAS.

Contact numbers: (016) 950 9484, 9972, 9486, 9485, 9571

Brochures for NSFAS ‘Students guide to funding’ are available at the Financial Aid Bureau office.


Do you need study finance?

You can apply for Edu-loan at the VUT campus (Finance). Edu-loan offers hassle free educational finance. As long as you, or a family member, receive a salary, paid into a bank account then you could qualify for an Edu-loan. What’s more, if we have an agreement with your, or your family member’s employer, we won’t even have to carry out credit checks.

Once your loan is approved we will:

  • Pay your student fees to the educational institution of your choice.
  • Assure you of affordable interest rates with a fixed monthly instalment.
  • Give you the option of an Edu-Xtras Smart Card for books and accessories.

You don’t even have to pay a deposit.

Contact numbers EDU-LOAN (016) 950 9948/9373

Call Centre: 0861 861 888 or 0861 861 VUT

Financial Aid Office

Vaal University of Technology

Private Bag X021



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