Faculty research awards

Faculty research awards

Awards recipients for the Faculty of Management Sciences Research Awards

Puleng Maphisa

The Faculty of Management Science hosted its Research Awards on 30 November 2018 in recognition of the hard work done by their staff members. The ceremony also served to promote research among other lecturers. The awards categories were as follows: Acknowledgement for research excellence in publications, acknowledgement for research excellence in conference paper presentations, acknowledgement for research excellence in postgraduate supervision, co-supervision, promotion and co-promotion.

This ceremony included the postgraduate students in order for them to recognise the work that their supervisors, co-supervisors, promoters, co-promoters do.

Promoter, Dr PA Joubert stood up to say that amongst his students there is one who wouldn’t be able to graduate due to financial issues. He requested assistance for Ms Joelle Ndjama who has completed her research, but still needed to pay the language editor.

“We request help to assist Ms Ndjama, I will pay a certain amount from my own pocket in order for her to graduate,” said Dr Joubert.

Dr Nelana, Research Director, immediately said that the research department would pay the remaining amount in order for Ms Ndjama to graduate with her D-Tech during April’s graduation. Ms Ndjama said this was her happiest moment as she wasn’t expecting it: “This was very shocking and exciting as well. I didn’t think that my promoter, Dr Joubert, would bring that up as I told him about my financial state and today as he brought it I was overwhelmed but so relieved when I received help. I thank Dr Joubert for what he did; this really means a lot to me. I appreciate what everyone will do to pay my fees. Finally, I will graduate,” said Ms Ndjama who also received a certificate of acknowledgement for research excellence in conference paper presentation.

Another jubilant recipient was Dr Difference Chauke, who received the certificate of acknowledgement for research excellence in publication. This was announced by the faculty Dean Professor Roy Dhurup who said that Mr Chauke has completed his studies with Wits and will soon graduate with his PhD.

In closing, Prof Dhurup congratulated all the award winners and announced that the Faculty of Management Science will be the first faculty to change from MTech to Master’s Management.

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