Four entities honor the VUT Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal with a visit

Thomas Rasehloka 09 November 2021

Delegates in the Council Chamber at VUT

Mingling have always been another way of concluding a business.

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), Department of Science Innovation (DSI), French South African Chamber of Counsel Industry (FSACCI) and Schneider Electric (SE) met at the Vaal University of Technology on 15 October 2021 to discuss the future of the French South Africa Schneider Electric Education Centre (FSASEC).

Discussions with Prof Maggie Linington, VUT Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal, was intended to grow the existing relationship amongst the French Embassy, SE and VUT to the benefit of the Training Centre (FSASEC), established on the VUT grounds in March 2011.

Mr Wiseman Jack, Director: Internationalization welcomed everyone present and reiterated the importance of adherence to the COVID-19 regulations.   He then gave a brief background of the FSASEC partnership, mentioning that he is a long serving member of the FSASEC Board since its founding.  “I have seen FSASEC grow and it felt like watching a newborn growing right in front of my eyes” he added.

Prof Linington addressed the meeting and mentioned that she has a background of Science and Technology. “Education is a great starting point of building the country” she said. This project (FSASEC) seems to be an interesting one as it acquires three footprints of good standing. Currently leading VUT, Prof Linington made mention of the new VUT brand identity as well as the history of VUT, which is captured in the recently released 50th Anniversary coffee table book

Speakers from SE, FSASCI, DHET and DSI expressed nothing but positive feedback about the FSASEC network. Ms Zanelle Dalglish from SE stated that FSASEC has now established 4 satellite campuses, which includes Sedibeng College, University of Johannesburg, East Cape Midlands College and College of Cape Town.

Mr Potego Morwamotshe-FSASEC Facilitator, showcasing for the delegates

The visit ended with a site visit of the VUT FSASEC Centre.