Get ready to embrace the essence and MOJO of our new VUT Brand.

Get ready to embrace the essence and MOJO of our new VUT Brand.

By Puleng Maphisa 05 October 2021



New Marketing Brand Mark

A new era has arrived – from Vaal Triangle Technikon to Vaal University of Technology (VUT), a new beginning for a new baby. Many universities merged, but as the saying goes “save the best for last”.

From the 13th to the 23rd of September 2021, the VUT Marketing & Brand Manager, Ms Tisch Farrell, embarked on the internal brand launch roadshows, where a video clip was shown, capturing the VUT Brand story, commencing in 1966 as a College for Advanced Technical Education, a Technikon and then a University of Technology.


An expedition of a new brand launch was dramatically unfolded to staff and students, telling the story about the rich heritage of VUT, where we come from, where we are today and where we are heading to.  During the last 9 working days, the VUT Brand Story was shared 32 times with internal stakeholders which includes departments, faculties, committees, units the iSRC and the newly elected VUT council.

This is a story of a new brand at VUT. The journey started in 2016 with a Brand Audit when intensive research was done amongst internal and external stakeholders.  Thereafter, it was the COME VOTE campaign in 2018 which many of you might remember that brought staff and students together with a common goal to choose between two brand directions.  In 2019 #changevut, was initiated as indeed it is about to change.  In 2020 staff and students voted for the winning tagline Inspiring thought. Shaping talent. The aim of #changevut was ultimately for crafting a symbol of hope in the form of a woven shield that resembles and embraces the uniqueness of VUT.

The time is here; and it is exciting to see that the brand launch video shared, with the purpose of telling a story of how VUT was held captive in its old brand identity, had the most jubilant feeling from staff and students. Many said that they now feel related to the new VUT and hoping that it will bring a greater change not just in brand but in spirit as well.

Some of the feedback received from staff and students are as follows:

  • The change is long overdue and we pledge our full support.
  • Love the new brand mark which I can definitely and relate to as it is simplistic, modern and unique to VUT.
  • I have been with VUT since 2015 and was not aware of our history and how transformation took place.  It was very insightful.
  • It shows that we have come a long way and that is why we should all work hard to make this a huge success.
  • Video clip should be used during staff induction that will give new staff members an immediate background of VUT.
  • Appreciate the standardized and uniformed email signature so we portray VUT in the same way online.
  • Learned a lot form the video clip and are very excited about the change and looking forward to using the new templates.
  • I can honestly say that I am now proud of being part of the university.
  • The brand mark was confusing at first but after seeing what each part means, I understand how unique it is to VUT and I am excited about the change.

Amongst the staff members was Ms Kimberly Coetzee, who embraced the brand when she said “I think for the first time since I started working at VUT in 2015, I feel like I have a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging. I feel like I am part of an integrated bigger picture of greater things to come”. She also promised to carry the brand with pride and dignity like a true Brand Ambassador.

One of the most cheerful words received in support of the new brand was from Prof Nicholas Morgan, Deputy Chairperson: VUT Council “What an exciting moment in the life of an institution busy rediscovering its soul. May this symbolic moment be a lasting aspiration to the VUT community and all its stakeholders”, he said.

The time has arrived, the baby is born and this is our new VUT, we are here to inspire each other to think differently and to shape talent so we can collectively be our best. Let’s be ready to embrace the essence and MOJO of our new VUT Brand.

Rebranding is a process, therefore for a month you will see signage changing in stages until all corners of the university has been converted from the old to the new.

If you have missed the INTERNAL BRAND LAUNCH video clip, visit our website, it will bring a full understanding of this long-awaited moment.  It is a must see!



The Brand Style Guide consist of downloadable templates for stationary, PowerPoint presentations and the official digital signature.


  • When you click on the above link you will be promoted with a login screen. Please fill in your email address and optionally your company name and click submit to view the book.


  • Alternatively the Brand Style Guide and Templates can be accessed on VUT intranet using your VUT staff email and password. If you get a message that you need permission to access the site. Please change your VUT email password and try again. Please note the email password might have expired.


  • Alternative you can access the templates on 2021 VUT Templates using VUT staff email and password